BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Controls



 In the vicinity of the steering wheel

Window safety switch Power windows Exterior mirror adjustment button Central locking system Unlocking Locking Seating comfort features Front passenger seat functionality Memo

 In the vicinity of the center console

Control Display Hazard warning system Intelligent Safety Ventilation Glove compartment Automatic climate control Radio/multimedia, see Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment, and Comm


 Removing And Installing/Replacing Switch For Unlocking Glovebox

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove decorative strip from middle fresh-air grille. Unlock catches (1). Press switch (2) out of decorative strip. Fig. 212: Pressing Switch Out Of Decorative Strip REMOVING AND INSTALLING OR REPLACING GRIP TRIM FOR GEAR SELECTOR SWITCH Special tools required: 64

 Bonding Aluminum Parts

IMPORTANT: Conform with safety precautions! Overview of topics: Equipment Best before date of consumables Grinding and cleaning Flame-coating Primer coat Gluing coat Hardening times Disposing of adhesive 1.0 Equipment Emery paper Cleaning agent: Isopropyl, acetone or spirit Brush, cott

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