BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Steering wheel

Safety information


Steering wheel adjustments while driving can lead to unexpected steering wheel movements.

Vehicle control could be lost. There is a risk of accident. Adjust the steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary only.

Electric steering wheel adjustment

General information

The steering wheel adjustment is stored for the driver profile currently in use. When a driver profile is selected, the position is accessed automatically when the drive-ready state is switched on.

The current steering wheel position can be stored using the memory function.

To make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, the steering wheel moves temporarily into the upper position.


Seats, mirrors and steering wheel

Press the switch to adjust the forward/back position and height of the steering wheel to the seat position.

Steering wheel heating


Seats, mirrors and steering wheel

Button for steering wheel heating

Turning on/off

Press the button.

A Check Control message is displayed.

If the trip is resumed within approx. 15 minutes after an intermediate stop, the steering wheel heating turns on automatically if the function was turned on at the completion of the last trip.


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