BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Ventilation


The air flow directions can be adjusted individually for direct or indirect ventilation.

Setting the ventilation

General information

Open the air vents and position them to ensure effective climate control.

Direct ventilation

The air flow is directed towards the passengers.

The air flow heats or cools noticeably, depending on the adjusted temperature.

Indirect ventilation

The air flow is not directed towards the passengers.

The vehicle interior is warmed or cooled indirectly, depending on the set temperature.

Front ventilation

Climate control

Ventilation in rear, center

Climate control

Ventilation in the rear, on the side

Climate control

Heating and ventilation, third row of seats

The air in the area of the third row of seats can be heated or circulated. The air vents are located in the storage area between the seats and in the floor area of the third row of seats.

Climate control

The heater is not ready for operation without switching on the fan. After the heater is switched off, the fan can be used to circulate the interior air, for instance at high temperatures. To do this, switch on the fan, arrow 1, and turn the thumbwheel toward the rear, arrow 2.


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