BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Interior equipment


 Integrated Universal Remote Control

Principle The integrated Universal Remote Control in the interior mirror can operate up to 3 functions of remote-controlled systems such as garage door drives, barriers, or lighting systems. General i

 Sun visor

Glare shield Fold the sun visor down or up. Glare shield from the side Folding out 1. Fold the sun visor down. 2. Unhook it from the holder and swing it to the side. 3. Move it back to the desired p

 USB port

General information Follow the information regarding the connection of mobile devices to the USB port in the section on USB connections. Additional information: USB connections. In the center armrest


 System Wiring Diagrams

ANTI-THEFT Fig. 1: Access/Start Circuit (1 of 3) Fig. 2: Access/Start Circuit (2 of 3) Fig. 3: Access/Start Circuit (3 of 3) Fig. 4: Anti-theft & Central Locking Circuit (1 of 2) Fig. 5: Anti-theft & Central Locking Circuit (2 of 2) BODY CONTROL MODULES Fig. 6: Body Control Modules Cir


Principle ECO PRO supports a driving style that saves on consumption. For this purpose, the engine control and comfort features, for instance the climate control output, are adjusted. Steptronic transmission: under certain conditions the engine is automatically decoupled from the transmission in th

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