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BMW X5: BMW Drive Recorder


The BMW Drive Recorder stores brief video recordings of the vehicle surroundings, e.g., to document surrounding traffic.

General information

There are various ways for storing video recordings:

The system records up to 20 seconds before and after the activation of the storage.

Cameras of the assistance systems are used, for instance Panorama View.

Additionally, the following parameters are stored for the trip:

Data protection

The permissibility of recording and using video recordings is contingent upon the statutory regulations of the country in which the system is to be used. The user is responsible for the use of the system and compliance with the respective regulations.

The manufacturer of the vehicle recommends confirming there are no statutory or regulatory constraints on use of the system in your state or country prior to the initial use. In addition, the laws with respect to use of the system should be verified in regular intervals, especially when borders are frequently crossed.

Other drivers of the vehicle must be informed about the system. In addition, information about the system is required when handing off the vehicle.

Functional requirements

Activating/deactivating the BMW Drive Recorder

The BMW Drive Recorder must be activated before the first use of the recording function.

1. "Apps".

2. "Drive Recorder".

3. Accept Privacy Policy.

4. "Settings".

5. "Recording allowed".

6. Select the desired setting.

Recording functions

Automatic recording

The recording is stored automatically when the vehicle sensors detect an accident occurrence.

Manual recording

Using the button

Press and hold this button.

Via iDrive

1. "Apps".

2. "Drive Recorder".

3. "Start recording".

To stop the recording: "Cancel".

Recording can also be started by selecting the widget on the Control Display.

Recording playback and administration

Stored video recordings can be played back, exported and deleted.

For your own safety, the video recording is only displayed on the Control Display up to approx.

2 mph/3 km/h. In some national-market versions, the video recording is only displayed if the parking brake is engaged or if the selector lever is in selector lever position P.

1. "Apps".

2. "Drive Recorder".

3. "Saved recordings".

4. Select desired recording.

5. Select the desired setting.

If a camera change occurred during the recording, different segments of the video can be selected.


General information

Different settings can be made.

Recording type

1. "Apps".

2. "Drive Recorder".

3. "Settings".


5. Select the desired setting.

Recording time

1. "Apps".

2. "Drive Recorder".

3. "Settings".

4. Select the desired setting.


1. "Apps".

2. "Drive Recorder".

3. "Settings".

4. "Camera selection".

5. Select desired camera.

In case of an accident, the system switches automatically to "All" cameras.

If driver assistance systems are active, their camera views are selected automatically.

System limits

In the event of serious accidents, it may not be possible to store recordings if the damage on the vehicle is too great or the power supply was interrupted.


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