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BMW X5: Shift paddles - Steptronic transmission

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2022 Owners Manual / Controls / Driving / Shift paddles - Steptronic transmission

Shift paddles


The shift paddles on the steering wheel allow you to shift gears quickly while keeping both hands on the steering wheel.

General information


The vehicle only shifts at suitable RPM and road speeds.

Short-term manual mode

In selector lever position D, actuating a shift paddle switches into manual mode temporarily.

After conservative driving in manual mode without acceleration or shifting via the shift paddles for a certain amount of time, the transmission switches back to automatic mode.

It is possible to switch into automatic mode:

Continuous manual mode

In selector lever position S, actuating a shift paddle switches into manual mode permanently.

With the transmission version it is possible to switch into automatic mode:

Steptronic Sport transmission

With the appropriate transmission version, the lowest possible gear can be selected by simultaneously activating kickdown and operating the left shift paddles. This is not possible in shortterm manual mode.



The selected gear is briefly displayed in the instrument cluster, followed by the current gear.

Displays in the instrument cluster

The selector lever position is displayed, for example P.


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