BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Opening and closing


 General information - Vehicle key

General information Depending on the equipment version, the scope of delivery includes two vehicle keys or one vehicle key and the BMW display key. Each vehicle key contains a replaceable battery. D

 Tailgate - Vehicle key

Tailgate General information To avoid locking the vehicle key in the vehicle, do not place the vehicle key in the cargo area. The following settings are available for the operation of the tailgate wi

 General information - BMW display key

General information Thescope of delivery of the BMW display key includes an additional mechanical key. If the display key is used, the mechanical key should be carried with you, for instance in the wa


 Replacing Lumbar Cushion On Front Left Or Right Seat

Special tools required: 52 0 050. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rear panel on front seat backrest. Fig. 43: Identifying Backrest Cover Detach backrest cover (1) at bottom from backrest frame. Remove valve housing. Disconnect air hoses (2) from valve housing. NOTE: Heat air hoses gently

 Hook Set

HOOK SET, COMPLETE, FOR 00 1 300, USA VERSION Order number: 00 1 340 Hook set, complete, for 00 1 300, USA version Consisting of: 1 = 00 1 341 Hook set for film no. 1 USA-Version 2 = 00 1 342 Hook set for film no. 2 USA version 3 = 00 1 343 Hook set for film no. 3 USA version 4 = 00 1 344 Hook set f

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