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BMW X5: Depending on equipment version: emergency brake function, Active PDC

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2022 Owners Manual / Controls / Driver assistance systems / Depending on equipment version: emergency brake function, Active PDC


The emergency braking function of PDC initiates an emergency braking in case of acute risk of collision.

General information

Due to system limits, a collision cannot be prevented under all circumstances.

The function is available below walking speed when driving in reverse or rolling backward.

A press of the accelerator pedal interrupts the brake intervention.

After emergency braking to a stop, further creeping toward an obstacle is possible. Proceed with caution. To move forward, lightly press the accelerator pedal and release as needed.

If the accelerator pedal is depressed longer, the vehicle drives off. Manual braking is possible at any time.

The system uses the ultrasonic sensors of the Park Distance Control PDC and the Parking Assistant.

Safety information


The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment in assessing the traffic situation. Based on the limits of the system, it cannot independently react to all traffic situations. There is a risk of accident. Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch traffic and vehicle surroundings closely and actively intervene where appropriate.

Additionally, the safety information for the PDC Park Distance Control and the Automatic Parking Assistant apply.

Additional information:

Temporary switching off

The emergency brake function can be switched off temporarily: Confirm the message on the Control Display.

During continued driving in this surrounding situation, no further emergency braking will occur.


It is possible to set which areas on the vehicle will be protected by the system.

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "Driver Assistance".

4. "Parking and Maneuvering".

5. "Active PDC with braking interv."

6. Select the desired setting.

System limits

The limits of the systems of the Park Distance Control PDC and the Parking Assistant apply.

The system cannot be used in the following situations, for example:

If required, deactivate the system via iDrive where applicable.


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