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BMW X5: Drive readiness


Turning on drive-ready state corresponds to starting the engine.

General information

Some functions, such as DSC Dynamic Stability Control, can only be used with drive-ready state switched on.

Safety information


If the exhaust pipe is blocked or ventilation is insufficient, harmful exhaust gases can enter into the vehicle. The exhaust gases contain pollutants which are colorless and odorless. In enclosed areas, exhaust gases can also accumulate outside of the vehicle. There is danger to life. Keep the exhaust pipe free and ensure sufficient ventilation.


An unsecured vehicle can begin to move and possibly roll away. There is a risk of accident.

Before exiting, secure the vehicle against rolling.

In order to ensure that the vehicle is secured against rolling away, follow the following:


Repeated attempts to start the vehicle or repeated starting of the vehicle in rapid succession can cause the starter to overheat. This also results in unburned or inadequately burned fuel, and can cause the catalytic converter to overheat. There is a risk of damage to property, among other potential damage. Avoid repeated starting of the vehicle, particularly repeated starting in rapid succession.

Turning on drive readiness


Drive-ready state is switched on via the Start/Stop button.

Steptronic transmission

1. Depress the brake pedal.

2. Press the Start/Stop button.

The ignition is activated automatically for a brief time and is stopped as soon as the engine starts.

Most of the indicator/warning lights in the instrument cluster light up for a varied length of time.

Gasoline engine

Depending on the motorization, the full drive power may not be available for approximately 30 seconds after starting the engine. In this case, the vehicle will not accelerate as usual.

Additional information: Power gauge.

Display in the instrument cluster

The activated drive readiness is indicated in the instrument cluster, depending on the equipment, by the display of information required for driving or the READY display.

Turning off drive-ready state

Steptronic transmission

1. Engage selector lever position P with the vehicle stopped.

2. Press the Start/Stop button.

The engine is switched off. The vehicle switches into standby state.

3. Set the parking brake.



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