BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Shift lights


The Shift lights in the instrument cluster indicate the maximum shift point at which the best possible acceleration can be achieved.

General information

Depending on the equipment and national-market version, the Shift lights are active in the M manual mode of the Steptronic Sport transmission and with manual transmission.

Functional requirement

Turning on/turning off

Steptronic Sport transmission:

1. If applicable, select SPORT or SPORT PLUS driving mode.

Press Driving Dynamics Control.

2. Activate the M manual mode of the transmission.



Full Black Panel Display.

Information about the driving style

When the maximum speed is reached, the entire display flashes red and the fuel supply is interrupted in order to protect the engine.

Standby state and driveready state

The lettering OFF in the instrument cluster indicates that driveready state is switched off and standby state is switched on.

The letters READY in the instrument cluster indicate that the drive readiness is turned on and the Auto Start/Stop function is ready to start the engine automatically.

Additional information:

Operating state of the vehicle.

Engine oil temperature


Additional information: Coolant level.

Indicator light in the instrument cluster

A red indicator light is displayed.

Outside temperature

General information

If the indicator drops to +37 ℉/+3 ℃ or lower, a signal sounds.

A Check Control message is displayed.

There is an increased risk of ice on roads.

Safety information


Even at temperatures above +37 ℉/+3 ℃ there can be a risk of icy roads, for instance on bridges or shady sections of the road. There is a risk of accident. Modify your driving style to the weather conditions at low temperatures.



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