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BMW X5: Automatic deactivation of the front passenger airbags

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2023 Owners Manual / Controls / Safety / Automatic deactivation of the front passenger airbags


The system reads if the front passenger seat is occupied by measuring the human body's resistance.

Front, knee, and side airbag on the front passenger's side are activated or deactivated.

General information

Before transporting a child on the front passenger seat, refer to the safety information and instructions for children on the front passenger seat, see Children.

Safety information


To ensure the front passenger airbag function, the system must be able to detect whether a person is sitting in the front passenger seat.

The entire seat cushion area must be used for this purpose. There is a risk of injury or danger to life. Make sure that the front passenger keeps his or her feet in the floor area.

Fault of the automatic deactivation system

When transporting older children and adults, the front passenger airbags may be deactivated in certain seat positions. In this case, the indicator light for the front passenger airbags lights up.

In this case, change the seat position so that the front passenger airbags are activated and the indicator light goes out.

If it is not possible to activate the airbags, have the person sit in the rear.

To enable accurate recognition of the occupied seat cushion:

Indicator light for the front passenger airbags

The indicator light for the front-seat passenger airbag in the headliner indicates the operating state of the front-seat passenger airbag.

The light indicates whether the airbags are either activated or deactivated.

After drive-ready state is switched on, the light shortly lights up and then indicates whether the airbags are either activated or deactivated.

Detected child restraint systems

The system generally detects children seated in a child restraint system, particularly in child restraint systems required by NHTSA at the point in time when the vehicle was manufactured. After installing a child restraint system, make sure that the indicator light for the front passenger airbags lights up. This indicates that the child restraint system has been detected and the front passenger airbags are not activated.


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