BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Storage compartments


 Storage compartments, Front passenger side glove compartment

Storage compartments General information The vehicle interior contains multiple storage compartments for stowing objects. Safety information Warning Loose objects or devices with a cable connection to

 Storage compartment in the center console

Opening the storage compartment Press onto the cover. Closing the storage compartment Pull the cover on the handle bar back. Storage compartment in the rear center console The rear of the center cons

 Front/Rear cup holder

Front cup holder Safety information Warning Unsuitable containers in the cup holders may damage the cup holders or be thrown about the car's interior in the event of an accident, an evasive maneuver,


 Replacing Front Left Side Panel

Observe gap dimensions. CAUTION: Set down side panel on a soft surface. Risk of damage Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove front side panel. Remove headlight. Remove fog lamp. Remove spray nozzle of headlight washer system. Following new body parts are required: Side panel, front Fig.

 Replacing Exhaust Camshaft Pulse Generator (N52, N52K, N51, N53)

IMPORTANT: Read and comply with notes on protection against electrostatic damage (ESD protection). Necessary preliminary tasks: Read out fault memory of DME control unit; if necessary, work through test schedules If necessary, remove radiator cover Unlock plug (1) and remove. Release bolt. R

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