BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Personal settings


 Data protection

Data transmission Principle The vehicle offers different services, whose use requires a data transfer to BMW or a service provider. The data transmission can be deactivated for some services. General

 Principle - Driver profiles

Principle Driver profiles can be created to store personal vehicle settings. If the vehicle is used by multiple drivers, each driver can create his personal driver profile. When a driver profile is se

 Guest profile - Driver profiles

Guest profile The guest profile can be activated by any driver. Vehicle settings that are entered when the guest profile is active will be stored in the guest profile. In the following cases the gues


 Removing And Installing/Replacing Seat Cover For Left Or Right Front Seat (Comfort)

Special tools required: 00 9 317. 52 0 050. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove front seat. Remove both rear panels on front seat backrest. Remove inner cover on front seat. Remove thigh support. Remove switch combination for seat adjustment. WARNING: US/CDN front passenger seat (wit

 Oil Sump

REMOVING AND INSTALLING, SEALING OR REPLACING OIL SUMP (N52K) IMPORTANT: Aluminium-magnesium materials. No steel screws/bolts may be used due to the threat of electrochemical corrosion. A magnesium crankcase requires aluminium screws/bolts exclusively. Aluminium screws/bolts must be replaced each

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