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BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2022 Owners Manual / Controls / Driver assistance systems / Display on the Control Display - With Parking Assistant: Parking Assistant

Display on the Control Display

System activated/deactivated

Gray: the system is not available.

White: the system is available but not activated.

System is activated.

Parking space search is active.

The parking operation is active. The system takes over the steering.

Parking space search and system status

Driver assistance systems

Switching signal tone for suitable parking spaces on/off

1. "CAR".

2. "Settings".

3. "Driver Assistance".

4. "Parking and Maneuvering".

5. "Automatic Parking".

6. "Alert if parking space detected".

Signal tones of the PDC Park Distance Control

During an automatic parking operation, no intermittent tone will sound from the PDC Park Distance Control.

A continuous tone sounds when the distance to a detected object is less than approx. 8 inches/ 20 cm.

Parking using the Automatic Parking Assistant


1. Switching on and activating the parking assistant.

For this, engage the reverse gear or press the parking assist button and activate the system on the Control Display, if needed.

Automatic Parking Assistant is activated.

2. Pass the row of parked vehicles forward at a speed of up to approx. 22 mph/35 km/h and at a distance of maximum 5 ft/1.5 m.

The status of the parking space search and possible parking spaces are displayed on the Control Display.

3. Confirm the suggested parking space for the parking operation: select the parking space on the Control Display.

The system takes over the steering.

4. Follow the instructions on the Control Display.

At the end of the parking operation, the P selector lever position is set.

The end of the parking operation is indicated on the Control Display.

5. Adjust the parking position yourself, if needed.

Interrupting manually

The Automatic Parking Assistant can be interrupted at any time:

Interrupting automatically

The system is interrupted automatically in the following situations:

A Check Control message is displayed.


An interrupted parking operation can be continued, if needed.

Reactivate the parking assistant and follow the instructions on the Control Display.

Turning off

The system can be switched off manually:

Press the park assistance button.

System limits

Safety information


The system is designed to operate in certain conditions and circumstances. Due to conditions or other factors, the system may not respond.

There may be a risk of accident or risk of damage to property. Actively intervene as warranted. Refer to the information in this Owner's Manual regarding the scope of the system's operation and limitations.

No parking assistance

The Automatic Parking Assistant does not offer assistance in the following situations:

System limits of the sensors

Additional information:

Functional limitations

The system may be limited in the following situations:


A Check Control message is displayed.

The Automatic Parking Assistant has malfunctioned.

Have the system checked by a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.


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