BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Sensors of the vehicle



Depending on the equipment, the following cameras and sensors are installed in the vehicle: Front camera. Cameras behind the windshield. Top view cameras. Rearview camera. Infrared camera. Fron

 Radar sensors

Front radar sensor The radar sensor is located in the front bumper. Radar sensors, side, front The radar sensors are located in the bumper. Radar sensors, side, rear The radar sensors are located i

 Ultrasound sensors

Ultrasound sensors in the front/ rear bumpers The ultrasound sensors of the Park Distance Control PDC are located in the bumpers. Ultrasonic sensors, side The ultrasound sensors of the Automatic Park



REMOVING AND INSTALLING OR REPLACING FAN CLUTCH (N62) Special tools required: 11 5 040 11 5 050 CAUTION: Left-hand threads. Using special tool 11 5 050 brace against pulley and unfasten cap nut from water pump using special tool 11 5 040. Remove fan wheel with fan coupling from water pump. Fi

 Insert Holder For CIGA

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING POWER SOCKET IN STORAGE COMPARTMENT Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rear center console trim. Unlock plug connection (1) and remove. Press switch trim (2) out of rear center console trim (3). Fig. 227: Pressing Switch Trim Out Of Rear Center Console Trim Pr

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