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BMW X5: Possible commands - BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

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Possible commands

General information

Most contents on the Control Display can be spoken as commands, e.g. menu items or list entries.

Say list entries as shown.

Instructions can be issued or questions can be asked where the Personal Assistant provides support.

Function examples

Vehicle status and vehicle information



For example, when a mobile phone is connected, calls can be started or SMS can be sent.


Climate control

Windows and light

Owner's Manual via voice operation

You can ask simple questions about vehicle functions and the operation of the vehicle.

The voice control system and the feedback it provides does not replace the printed or Integrated Owner's Manual. The speech recognition and quality of the feedback may vary.

›How can the passenger airbag be deactivated‹ The Personal Assistant returns feedback. When stationary, the section of the integrated Owner's Manual is displayed on the Control Display.

Menu items

The commands of the menu items are spoken just as they are selected via the Controller.

1. Activating the voice control system.

2. ›MEDIA‹.

3. ›Presets‹.

The stored stations are displayed on the Control Display.

Help for voice control


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