BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Dashboard


 In the vicinity of the steering wheel

Window safety switch Power windows Exterior mirror adjustment button Central locking system Unlocking Locking Seating comfort features Front passenger seat functionality Memo

 In the vicinity of the center console

Control Display Hazard warning system Intelligent Safety Ventilation Glove compartment Automatic climate control Radio/multimedia, see Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment, and Comm

 Sensors of the vehicle



Safety information Warning Improperly executed work in the engine compartment can damage vehicle components and impair vehicle functions. There is a risk of an accident and damage to property. Have work in the engine compartment performed by a dealer's service center or another qualified service cen

 Starter With Mounting

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING STARTER MOTOR (N62) Necessary preliminary tasks: Disconnect battery ground terminal. Remove right exhaust manifold. Release screws and nut on heat shield (1) (see arrows). Remove heat shield (1). Installation: Tightening torque: 12 41 6AZ. Fig. 61: Locating He

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