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BMW X5: xDrive


xDrive is the all-wheel-drive system of the vehicle.

Concerted action by the xDrive and and other suspension control systems, such as Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), further optimizes traction and driving dynamics.

General information

xDrive variably distributes the driving power to the front and rear axles as demanded by the driving situation and road condition.

The Driving Dynamics Control is used to change the all-wheel distribution from traction oriented to sport oriented.

With the xOffroad package, the all-wheel-drive system is additionally adjusted for the respective xOffroad driving mode.

Because of the needs-based use of the all-wheel- drive system, Efficient4x4 yields a reduction in consumption.

Display on the Control Display

Display xView display

1. "CAR"

2. "Driving information"

3. "xVIEW"



The following information is displayed:

With the xOffroad package, the following additional information can be displayed:

Display in the Head-up Display

Some of the information can also be displayed in the Head-up Display.

M sport differential

The active M differential provides for continuously variable locking of the rear axle differential depending on the driving situation. This prevents spinning of a single rear wheel and thereby provides optimal traction in any driving situation.

The driver is responsible adapting his or her driving style to the situation.

Automatic Differential Brake


Automatic Differential Brake controls the driving power by automatic brake intervention on individual wheels.

General information

The function works in the same way as a differential lock and improves traction on a loose surface, for example. The system detects when a wheel begins to spin and automatically brakes this wheel.

The driving force is diverted to the wheel with better traction.

As a result, the drive torque is transferred more efficiently to the wheels during accelerations.


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