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BMW X5: Child restraint systems with tether strap

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Controls / Transporting children safely / Child restraint systems with tether strap

Safety information


If the upper retaining strap is incorrectly used for the child restraint system, the protective effect is reduced. There is a risk of injury. Make sure that the upper retaining strap does not run over sharp edges and is not twisted as it passes the upper anchor.


If the rear backrest is not locked, the protective effect of the child restraint system is limited or there is none. In certain situations, for instance braking maneuvers or in case of an accident, the rear backrest can fold forward. There is a risk of injury or danger to life. Make sure that the rear backrests are locked.


The attachment points for child restraint systems in the vehicle are intended for attaching child restraint systems only. When other objects are mounted, the attachment points can be damaged. There is a risk of injury or risk of damage to property. Attach only child restraint systems at the corresponding attachment points.

Attachment points

The respective icon shows the attachment point for the upper retaining strap. Seats with an upper top tether are marked with this icon. It is located on the rear seat backrest, the rear shelf or the rear seat.

Routing the retaining strap

Transporting children safely

  1. Driving direction
  2. Head restraint
  3. Hook for upper retaining strap
  4. Attachment point
  5. Seat backrest
  6. Upper retaining strap

Attaching the upper retaining strap to the attachment point

1. Bring the seat of the second seat row into the base position.

2. Raise the head restraint, if needed.

3. Guide the upper retaining strap between or along both sides of the supports for the head restraint to the attachment point.

Middle seat: raise the head restraint, if needed, press the button on the mounts for this purpose. Guide the upper retaining strap between or along both sides of the supports of the head restraint to the attachment point.

4. If there is a retaining strap, run it between the backrest and the cargo cover.

5. Hook the hook of the retaining strap to the attachment point.

6. Tighten the retaining strap by pulling it down.

7. Lower and engage head restraint as needed.

Locking the doors and windows in the rear

General information

In certain situations it may be advisable to secure the rear doors and windows, for instance when transporting children.


Transporting children safely

Push the locking lever on the rear doors up.

The door can now be opened from the outside only.

Safety switch for the rear

Press the button on the driver's door.

This disables various functions so that they cannot be operated from the rear.



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