BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Power windows

General information

The windows can be opened with the vehicle key from the outside as well as closed with Comfort Access.

With Comfort Access: The windows can be closed from the outside via Comfort Access.

When a window is often opened in the same position, this task can be performed by the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. For instance when the same parking garage is frequently used.

Additional information:

Safety information


When operating the windows, body parts and objects can be jammed. There is a risk of injury or risk of damage to property. Make sure that the area of movement of the windows is clear during opening and closing.


Opening and closing

Power windows

Safety switch

Functional requirements

The windows can be operated under the following conditions.

The vehicle key must be in the car's interior.



Jam protection system


The jam protection prevents objects or body parts becoming jammed between the door frame and window while a window is being closed.

General information

If resistance or a blockage is detected while a window is being closed, the closing action is interrupted.

Safety information


Accessories on the windows such as antennas can impact jam protection. There is a risk of injury.

Do not install accessories in the area of movement of the windows.

Closing without the jam protection system

In case of danger from the outside or if ice might prevent normal closing, proceed as follows:

1. Pull the switch past the resistance point and hold it there.

The window closes with limited jam protection.

If the closing force exceeds a specific threshold, closing is interrupted.

2. Pull the switch past the resistance point again within approx. 4 seconds and hold it there.

The window closes without jam protection.

Safety switch


The safety switch can be used to prevent children, for instance from opening and closing the rear windows using the switches in the rear.

If an accident of a certain severity occurs, the safety function is switched off automatically.

Turning on/off

Press the button.

The LED lights up if the safety function is switched on.

Roller sunblinds, rear side windows

Safety information


With closed roller sunblinds and open windows, the roller sunblinds may be strained while driving due to the wind. The roller sunblinds may be damaged and vehicle occupants may be harmed. There is a risk of injury. Do not open the windows while driving if the roller sunblinds are closed.

Pull out the roller sunblind at the loop and hook it onto the bracket.


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