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BMW X5: Screen Mirroring

General information

Screen Mirroring enables mirroring (outputting) of the smartphone display on the Control Display.

Functional requirements

Pairing a smartphone with Screen Mirroring

1. "COM".

2. "Mobile devices".

3. Tilt the Controller to the right.

4. "New device".

5. "Screen Mirroring".

The WLAN name of the vehicle is displayed on the Control Display.

6. Search for WLAN devices in the surrounding area of the smartphone.

The WLAN name of the vehicle appears on the device display. Select the WLAN name of the vehicle.

7. Confirm the connection via iDrive.

The device is connected and displayed in the device list.

Apple CarPlay preparation


CarPlay allows certain functions of a compatible Apple iPhone to be used via Siri voice control and iDrive.

Functional requirements

Pairing the iPhone with CarPlay

1. "COM".

2. "Mobile devices".

3. Tilt the Controller to the right.

4. "New device".

5. "Phone calls and audio".

The vehicle's Bluetooth name is displayed on the Control Display.

6. On the mobile device, search for Bluetooth devices in the vicinity and select the vehicle.

A control number is displayed.

7. Compare the control number displayed on the Control Display with the control number on the display of the mobile device, and confirm that the two match.

8. "Use Apple CarPlay".

The iPhone is connected to the vehicle and displayed in the device list.


For more information, refer to the Integrated Owner's Manual or the Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment, Communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

All requirements are met and all required steps were completed in the specified order. Despite that, the mobile device does not function as expected.

In this case, the following explanations can help: The iPhone has already been paired with Apple CarPlay. When a new connection is set up, Car‐ Play can no longer be selected.

If the steps listed have been carried out and the required function is still not available: contact Customer Relations, a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.


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