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BMW X5: Operating state of the vehicle

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Controls / Operating state of the vehicle


 General information

Depending on the situation, the vehicle is in one of the three states: Idle state. Standby state. Drive-ready state. Idle state Principle When the vehicle is in idle state, it is switched off. Ge

 Drive readiness

Principle Turning on drive-ready state corresponds to starting the engine. General information Some functions, such as DSC Dynamic Stability Control, can only be used with drive-ready state switched o



 Initializing Telestart Hand Transmitter

NOTE: The Telestart hand transmitter must be initialized when: Hand transmitter is replaced Car Access System control unit is replaced The independent heating is switched on under an outside temperature of approx. 15 ºC with the hand transmitter and at a preselected switch-on time. Direct act

 Oil Pump With Filter

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING OIL PUMP (N62) Necessary preliminary tasks: Drain engine oil. Remove upper oil sump section. Remove reinforcement plate. Unscrew nut (1). Tightening torque 11 41 4AZ. Remove oil pump sprocket wheel (2). Fig. 709: Identifying Oil Pump Sprocket Wheel Release

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