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BMW X5: Heating And Air Conditioning

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Heating And Air Conditioning


 Air Conditioner Refrigerant

FREON The refrigerant Freon R12 is used in most BMW automobiles with an air conditioner up through the 1992 model year. It has a boiling point of - 29.8ºC (sea level), at which the refrigerant is t

 Refrigeration Oil

OIL USED IN FREON-CHARGED SYSTEMS A mineral-based oil is used. The oil level in the compressor must be checked before filling an air conditioner with refrigerant. It can be checked only if the system

 Air Conditioning Unit Disinfectants

A musty odor may be detected in the vehicle, particularly when the air conditioner is first switched on. This is caused by microorganisms growing on the evaporator from moisture condensation. A di


 Grinding Aluminum Parts

1.0 Recommended tools and equipment To carry out outer shell grinding work by hand or machine, you must use the recommended tools and equipment. The work area can be cleaned with conventional extractor systems (low dust concentration). Weight-reduced aluminum front end structure (GRAV): T

 Removing And Installing Left Cylinder Head (N62 From 9/03 And N62TU)

(cylinder bank 5 to 8) NOTE: To remove the exhaust manifolds, the engine must be secured in the installation position with the special tool and then the front axle bracket lowered. Remove left exhaust manifold. After removing exhaust manifolds: Reinstall front axle bracket provisionally and remove

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