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BMW X5: Instructions For Opening And Replacing Parts In Refrigerant Circuit

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Heating And Air Conditioning / Compressor / Instructions For Opening And Replacing Parts In Refrigerant Circuit



I. Opening refrigerant circuit without part replacement, as preliminary work to further work

(e.g. engine removal):

Work sequence:

II. Part replacement and part replacement on account of insidious leak

(minor leak, e.g. hairline crack)

Work sequence:

III. Part replacement on account of sudden leak

(major leak, e.g. pipe break due to accident)

Work sequence:


 Removing And Installing/replacing A/C System Compressor (N62TU)

WARNING: Avoid contact with refrigerant and refrigerant oil. Follow safety instructions for handling refrigerant R 134a. Follow safety instructions for handling refrigerant oil. IMPORTANT: Risk of da

 Condenser And Dryer

 Overview Of Heater/Air Conditioner Servomotors

Fig. 102: Identifying Heater/Air Conditioner Servomotors Components Location Servomotor, defrosting Servomotor, footwell, rear cabin, right Servomotor, ventilation, front right Servomotor, strat


 Rear Trim Panel

REPLACING OUTER TAIL PANEL SECTION Read contents of Body, General. Remove or cover those vehicle components in the repair area which are susceptible to heat or dust. Spot-weld bonding is used on this vehicle. Observe specific procedure. Use only approved spot-welding apparatus for repairs! Follo

 Wheel Bearings And STU

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING LEFT OR RIGHT SWIVEL BEARING Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove wheel bearing. IMPORTANT: Secure swivel bearing against falling out. Replacement only: Remove brake anchor plate/brake guard plate. Remove stabilizer link from swivel bearing. Remove upper control a

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