BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Removing And Installing Or Replacing Fuel Pump

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Seal off water hoses at fuel pump with special tool 13 3 010

Auxiliary Heater
Fig. 54: Identifying Special Tool (13 3 010) On Water Hoses


Fuel escapes when fuel lines are detached. Have a suitable collecting container ready.

Catch and dispose of escaping fuel.

Observe country-specific waste-disposal regulations.

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Release hose clamps (2) and detach fuel hoses.

NOTE: Secure fuel pump (4) against falling out.

Disengage rubber retainers (3).


Observe direction of flow of fuel pump (4).

Auxiliary Heater
Fig. 55: Identifying Plug Connection And Hose Clamps With Rubber Retainers


Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: For purposes of clarity, the following graphics show the heater/air conditioner removed.

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Auxiliary Heater
Fig. 56: Identifying Plug Connection

Release screws (1).

Lay servomotor (2) to one side.

Auxiliary Heater
Fig. 57: Identifying Servomotor With Screws

Release screws (1).

Auxiliary Heater
Fig. 58: Identifying Screws

Release screws (2) and remove housing side section (2).

Auxiliary Heater
Fig. 59: Identifying Auxiliary Heater Housing

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Release screw (2).

Pull out electric auxiliary heater (3) and detach associated ground cable (4).


Make sure ground cable (4) is securely seated.

Auxiliary Heater
Fig. 60: Identifying Plug Connection And Electric Auxiliary Heater


 Nozzles And Outlets

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