BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Removing And Installing/Replacing Heater

WARNING: Avoid contact with refrigerant and refrigerant oil.

Follow safety instructions for handling refrigerant R 134a.

Follow safety instructions for handling refrigerant oil.

IMPORTANT: Risk of damage Restart engine only when A/C system has been correctly filled.

If A/C system is opened for more than 24 hours: Replacing drier insert for A/C system

Necessary preliminary tasks:


Coolant emerges when coolant lines are detached. Have a suitable collecting container ready.

Catch and dispose of escaping coolant.

Observe country-specific waste-disposal regulations.

Release screw (1) and remove refrigerant lines with cover (1) and associated seal.

Tightening torque. Replace sealing rings and moisten with refrigerant oil.

Heater With Operation
Fig. 3: Identifying Refrigerant Lines With Screw

IMPORTANT: Connections must not be mixed up! Mark connection sequence of water hoses prior to removal.

Release hose clamps (1) and detach water hoses.

Heater With Operation
Fig. 4: Identifying Hose Clamps

Release nut (1) and nut (2) underneath.

Tightening torque.

Heater With Operation
Fig. 5: Identifying Nut

Release screws (1) and remove windscreen air guide (2).

Heater With Operation
Fig. 6: Identifying Windscreen Air Guide With Screws

Release screw (1).

Tightening torque.

Heater With Operation
Fig. 7: Identifying Heater Screw

Release screw (1).

Tightening torque.

IMPORTANT: Cover vehicle interior with protective cover to prevent interior being fouled by escaping coolant.

Feed out heater (2).

Heater With Operation
Fig. 8: Identifying Heater Screw



Water drain (1) must be inserted on both sides into outlet channel (2).

IMPORTANT: In the event of incorrect fitting, there is a risk of leakage in the passenger compartment!

Heater With Operation
Fig. 9: Identifying Water Drain With Outlet Channel

After installation:


 Removing And Installing/Replacing Heater/Air Conditioner Fan

Necessary preliminary tasks: Disconnect battery negative lead. Remove lower trim from instrument panel. Release screws (1). Fig. 10: Identifying Heater/Air Conditioner Fan Screws Release screws

 Replacing Water Valve For Heater

WARNING: Scalding hazard! Work on the cooling system may only be carried out when it has cooled down. Follow instructions for working on cooling system! NOTE: Disconnect coolant hoses on water valve.

 Auxiliary Heater


 Fuel System - E32 With M60

Fig. 16: Identifying Fuel System - E32 With M60 Components If any of these items are leaking and fail to hold pressure in the fuel rail, the vehicle will be difficult to start. The cranking time will be excessive and possibly not start at all. For example, If the fuel injectors are leaking, the

 Tire repair set

Principle With the tire repair set, minor tire damage can be sealed temporarily to enable continued driving. General information To enable continued driving, liquid sealant is pumped into the tire, which hardens and seals the damage from the inside. Follow the instructions on using the tire rep

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