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BMW X5: Instructions For Opening And Replacing Parts In Refrigerant Circuit

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Heating And Air Conditioning / Air Conditioning Systems / Instructions For Opening And Replacing Parts In Refrigerant Circuit



I. Opening refrigerant circuit without part replacement, as preliminary work to further work

(e.g. engine removal):

Work sequence:

II. Part replacement and part replacement on account of insidious leak

(minor leak, e.g. hairline crack)

Work sequence:

III. Part replacement on account of sudden leak

(major leak, e.g. pipe break due to accident)

Work sequence:


 AC Housing-Evaporator

 Cleaning Evaporator

Special tools required: 64 1 300 WARNING: When handling cleaning agent, observe following protection measures: Wear protective rubber gloves and protective goggles. If cleaning agent comes into c

 Replacing Evaporator

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove heater Release screws (1). Fig. 84: Identifying Screws Release screws (1) and remove expansion valve (2). Installation: Ensure that seals are correctly seated.


 Raising Vehicle With Trolley Jack

IMPORTANT: Observe the following trolley-jack-related instructions: 1. Use only BMW-distributed/approved trolley jacks which have rubber plate contact points. 2. Trolley jacks must be regularly serviced and always checked for functional reliability before they are used! 3. Check the rubber plate

 Replacing Crankshaft Pulse Generator (N52, N52K, N51, N53)

IMPORTANT: Read and comply with notes on protection against electrostatic damage (ESD protection). IMPORTANT: Aluminum-magnesium materials. No steel screws/bolts may be used due to the threat of electrochemical corrosion. A magnesium crankcase requires aluminum screws/bolts exclusively. Aluminum

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