BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Instructions For Compressor Replacement

IMPORTANT: Compressors with plastic belt pulleys:

IMPORTANT: When starting up a new compressor for the first time, it is absolutely essential to carry out the following breaking-in procedure:

When evacuating the air-conditioning system, refrigerant oil is also extracted and collected in the oil separator of the service station.

After evacuation, the refrigerant must be filtered in the service station as the oil separator could still contain a liquid refrigerant/oil mixture. The filtering process gasifies the refrigerant completely and only the previously bound refrigerant oil remains in the oil separator. Measure and note down this quantity of refrigerant oil.

Fig. 93: Removing Liquid Refrigerant/Oil

Transfer the refrigerant oil remaining in the previous compressor via the filler plug completely into a measuring container.

Fig. 94: Measuring Container

Measure the amount of refrigerant oil collected from the previous compressor.

Fig. 95: Measuring Amount Of Refrigerant Oil

The new compressor is filled at the factory with refrigerant oil.

Open filler plug and pour entire contents of compressor into a clean container.


Replace sealing ring and moisten with refrigerant oil.

Tightening torque.

Fig. 96: Opening Filler Plug

From the new compressor, pour the same amount of refrigerant oil (as drained from the previous compressor) + 10 g extra into a clean measuring container and pour again into the new compressor.

Remaining refrigerant oil can be poured into service station tank.

Otherwise the excess refrigerant oil must be disposed of correctly.

On account of its hygroscopic properties, refrigerant oil must not be stored in open containers.

Fig. 97: Measuring Container Into Compressor

The refrigerant oil drawn off from the oil separator of the service station and from the previous compressor must not be reused and must be correctly disposed of.

Fig. 98: Identifying Refrigerant Oil Drawn Off From Oil Separator

After installing the new compressor, it is essential before filling the A/C system to pour the same amount of the previously drawn off refrigerant oil into the system again.

Fig. 99: Filling Liquid Refrigerant/Oil


If A/C system is opened for more than 24 hours: Replace drier bottle/drier insert.


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