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BMW X5: Engine Service Information


 NG6 Engine

2007 NG6 Engine Model: All with NG6-cylinder from 2007 Production: from 9/2006 NG6 ENGINE Previously in 2005, BMW introduced the beginning of a new generation of six cylinder engines with the N52. N

 Engine Mechanical Overview


As far as the physical appearance and dimensions, the crankcase on the N54 is the same as the N52. The main change is in the materials, the N54 uses an all aluminum alloy crankcase. There is also ca


 Speed warning

Principle The speed warning can be used to set a speed limit. A warning will be issued when this speed limit is exceeded. General information The warning is repeated if the vehicle speed exceeds the set speed limit again, after it has dropped below it by 3 mph/5 km/h. Adjusting 1. "CAR". 2. "Settin

 Film Sheet

FILM SHEET, GERMAN Order number: 00 0 051 Film sheet, German Fig. 5: Identifying Caption Board: "SPECIAL TOOLS" (00 0 050) FILM SHEET, ENGLISH Order number: 00 0 052 Film sheet, English Fig. 6: Identifying Caption Board: "SPECIAL TOOLS" (00 0 050) FILM SHEET, FRENCH Order number: 00 0 053 Film she

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