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BMW X5: Emissions Management

The N54 and N52KP meet ULEV II requirements for 2007. There are not many changes to the emission systems on these engines. The N54 engine has 2 underbody catalysts in addition to the "near engine" catalysts already in use from the N52.

The N51 engine, however, is a SULEV II compliant engine which meets the 2007 requirements. In addition to the 5 existing SULEV states of California, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont - four states have been added for 2007. These states include, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Oregon and Washington State.

The N51 emissions measures include:

NOTE: The SULEV II information above is only preliminary and is accurate as of 8/06.

Additional information will be released as it becomes available.


 Performance Controls

Cooling System The cooling system of the N54 engine consists of a radiator circuit and an isolated oil cooling circuit. The fact that there is an isolated oil-cooling circuit ensures that heat is not

 Steering And Wheel Alignment

 Electronic Chassis Alignment


 Luggage Compartment

REPLACING COMPLETE REAR LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT FLOOR (TAIL PANEL REMOVED) Read contents of Body, General. Remove or cover those vehicle components in the repair area which are susceptible to heat or dust. Spot-weld bonding is used on this vehicle. Observe specific procedure. Use only approved spot-w

 Removing And Installing Radiator (N52K)

WARNING: Danger of scalding! Only perform this work after engine has cooled down. IMPORTANT: Wear protective goggles and gloves. Necessary preliminary tasks: Follow instructions for working on cooling system. Remove fan cowl. Drain coolant. Unlock coolant hoses and detach. Release screws. R

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