BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Engine Mechanical Overview



As far as the physical appearance and dimensions, the crankcase on the N54 is the same as the N52. The main change is in the materials, the N54 uses an all aluminum alloy crankcase. There is also ca


Although, the N54 engine has an all aluminum crankcase, many of the bolts are still aluminum as on the N52. This is to reduce any potential confusion between steel and aluminum bolts. Some bolts, fo

 Cylinder Head Cover

As stated before, the cylinder head cover used on all of the new NG6 engines is made from plastic. However, the design differs between the engines due to engine equipment. For example, the N54 engi


 Exhaust System, Complete

REMOVING AND INSTALLING COMPLETE EXHAUST SYSTEM (N62TU) Special tools required: 31 2 220 WARNING: Scalding hazard! Only perform this work after engine has cooled down. Danger of injury! Removal of the exhaust system must be carried out with the assistance of a second person. Support exhaust sys

 Reducing fuel consumption

General information The vehicle contains advanced technologies for the reduction of consumption and emission values. The fuel consumption depends on various factors, such as driving style, road conditions, maintenance or environmental factors. Carrying out certain measures, such as a moderate driv

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