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BMW X5: Crankcase

As far as the physical appearance and dimensions, the crankcase on the N54 is the same as the N52. The main change is in the materials, the N54 uses an all aluminum alloy crankcase. There is also cast iron cylinder liners similar to the previous M54 engine.

The reason for using the all aluminum configuration is to be more compatible with the increased torque output and cylinder pressure in the N54.

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Fig. 8: Identifying Aluminum Alloy Crankcase

The N54 engine continues to use the "two-piece" crankcase featuring the "bedplate" design.

The N52KP and N51 engines continue to use the composite magnesium/aluminum alloy engine from the existing N52.

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Fig. 9: Identifying "Two-Piece" Crankcase

NOTE: The N54 engine has a different bolt pattern on the transmission mounting (bellhousing) area.

Therefore, a new special tool is needed to mount the engine to an engine stand.

The new tool has slots which will accommodate all NG6 engines.

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Fig. 10: Identifying Bolt Pattern On Transmission Mounting



Although, the N54 engine has an all aluminum crankcase, many of the bolts are still aluminum as on the N52. This is to reduce any potential confusion between steel and aluminum bolts. Some bolts, fo

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