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BMW X5: Bolts

Although, the N54 engine has an all aluminum crankcase, many of the bolts are still aluminum as on the N52.

This is to reduce any potential confusion between steel and aluminum bolts. Some bolts, for example, are steel such as the cylinder head cover bolts. This is possible, due to the plastic cylinder head cover.

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Fig. 11: Identifying Bolt

The N52KP and N51 engines use the same aluminum bolt configuration as the N52 engine, with little change.

The cylinder head cover bolts are like the N54 - steel, due to the plastic cylinder head cover.

The same rules apply to the handling of aluminum bolts as in the past.

Strict adherence to repair instructions is required to ensure proper connections.

Be sure to follow the proper torque/tightening angle sequence as outlined in the "tightening torques" section of TIS.

Engine Service Information
Fig. 12: Identifying Aluminum Bolt


 Cylinder Head Cover

As stated before, the cylinder head cover used on all of the new NG6 engines is made from plastic. However, the design differs between the engines due to engine equipment. For example, the N54 engi


The valvetrain on the N52 introduced in 2006, used 5 mm valve stems on both the intake and exhaust. To increase durability, the exhaust valve stems were increased to 6 mm from 6/06 production. All

 Gaskets And Seals

Head Gasket The head gasket design on the N54 is unique to that engine. It features a multi-layer steel design. There is no silicone rubber perimeter "shelf" as on the N52. This is not needed due to


 Transmission Suspension

REPLACING RUBBER MOUNT FOR TRANSMISSION MOUNT Special Tools Required: 22 1 016 22 1 017 22 1 101 22 1 102 22 1 103 33 4 465 NOTE: See ENGINE AND GEARBOX SUSPENSION - SPECIAL TOOLS and REAR AXLE - SPECIAL TOOLS. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove crossmember for transmission mount. Place

 Repairing Airbag Cables

IMPORTANT: Only repair those cables which show visible signs of damage. In the event of visible damage, make sure there is only one cable repair in effect after the repair work. If no visible damage can be identified, the entire cable must be replaced. When carrying out repairs to the airbag wiring

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