BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Ignition Management

Most of the ignition system components have remained the same for all NG6 engines for 2007. There are some minor changes to the ignition coils that apply to all versions. The coils have been optimized for more durability.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs for the N51 and N52KP remain the same as N52. However, the N54 uses a completely new spark plug from Bosch. The spark plug design consists of a 12 mm thread which contrasts from the 14 mm design on the N52 which prevents any possibility of improper installation.

The hex on the spark plug is also a 12 point design which requires a special tool. The tool (socket) has a "thinwall" design to facilitate access in the confined area of the N54 cylinder head.

Engine Service Information
Fig. 69: Identifying Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Diagnosis (N54)

Due to the proximity of the spark plug to the fuel injector nozzle, any divergence in the fuel spray may cause possible spark plug damage. This makes spark plug diagnosis an important part of N54 service concerns.

Information gained by the spark plug diagnosis may indicate possible fuel injector faults. Spark plug replacement interval has been reduced to 45,000 miles for the N54.

The Fig. 70 below can be used to assist in diagnosis:

Engine Service Information
Fig. 70: Identifying Spark Plug Wear Pattern


 Emissions Management

The N54 and N52KP meet ULEV II requirements for 2007. There are not many changes to the emission systems on these engines. The N54 engine has 2 underbody catalysts in addition to the "near engine" c

 Performance Controls

Cooling System The cooling system of the N54 engine consists of a radiator circuit and an isolated oil cooling circuit. The fact that there is an isolated oil-cooling circuit ensures that heat is not

 Steering And Wheel Alignment


 Opening Adhesive Bonds

1. Opening spot-weld bonds Set punch mark in center of weld spot. Set 8 mm dia. weld spot drill bit on punch mark and drill through top metal sheet. Or open weld spot with Vario Drill spot welding cutter (refer to WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT & PLANNING CD, Chapter 7). NOTE: Because the weld spo

 USB port

General information Follow the information regarding the connection of mobile devices to the USB port in the section on USB connections. Additional information: USB connections. In the center armrest A USB port is located in the center armrest. Properties: USB port Type C. For charging mobile

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