BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Brakes


 Brakes - Operating Fluids

1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION Brake fluid, (glycol-based) as used in BMW brake systems, must conform with the following requirements: High boiling point Good low temperature resistance Low compressibil

 Pedals - Repair Instructions

Pedal Mounting Block REMOVING AND INSTALLING (REPLACING) COMPLETE BEARING BLOCK FOR FOOT PEDAL Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove pedal trim. IMPORTANT: After completion of work, carry out functio

 Brakes - Repair Instructions



REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING FLYWHEEL (N62/N62TU) Special tools required: 11 4 180 11 9 260 11 9 262 11 9 263 11 9 264 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions only: Block flywheel (1) with special tools 11 9 260 /11 9 263 /11 9 264. Unfaste

 Removing And Installing Rear Cabin Monitor (Complete)

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove fresh-air grille in rear cabin. Remove trim from rear cabin monitor base at front. Release screws (1) and remove rear cabin monitor with holder (2). Disconnect associated plug connections and feed out leads. Tightening torque. Fig. 39: Identifying Rear Ca

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