BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Mechanical-Hydraulic


Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: Extract brake fluid out of expansion tank. Use a suction bottle used exclusively for drawing off brake fluid.

Do not reuse drawn out brake fluid.

After completing work:

IMPORTANT: Do not mix up brake lines.

If necessary, mark before removal.

Brake lines must not be bent.

Close off connection bores with plugs.

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Unfasten brake lines (2).

Tightening torque 34 32 1AZ.

If necessary, release brake lines from holder on bulkhead.

Unscrew bolt (3).

Tightening torque 34 51 6AZ.

Pull hydraulic control unit with holder out of guide pins (4) and remove.

Fig. 96: Identifying Brake Lines And Plug Connection

When replacing hydraulic unit:

Release screws (1) and convert holder (2).


Tightening torque 34 51 5AZ.

Fig. 97: Identifying Convert Holder And Screw

When replacing control unit:


 Electronic Components

 Replacing A Brake Pad Sensor (Front)

IMPORTANT: The brake pad wear sensor must be replaced once it has been removed (brake pad wear sensor loses its retention capability in the brake pad). If a brake lining sensor that has already been

 Overview Of Electronic Components

Fig. 103: Identifying Electronic Components DSC control unit Rotation rate sensor Brake-pad-wear sensor Pulse generator REMOVING AND INSTALLING / REPLACING DSC CONTROL UNIT IMPORTANT: Read and


 Leak Testing With Ultraviolet Additives (UV Additives) (BMW Leak-Testing Case)

IMPORTANT: It is absolutely essential to read and comply with the equipment manufacturer's instructions for use provided in the equipment case! Read and comply with the instructions for use provided with the special tool particularly with regard to accident prevention, health protection and enviro

 Pedestrian Warning with City Collision Mitigation

Principle The Pedestrian Warning warns in the city speed range of possible risk of collision with pedestrians and bicycle riders and may brake independently. In the event of an accident, the system may reduce impact speed. General information Sensors detect the traffic situation. The system issues

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