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BMW X5: Lamp Settings


Lamp Settings
Fig. 1: Identifying Headlights Height Dimension

Light/dark limit of headlights in headlight aimer

Adjustment dimension, headlights:

Adjustment dimension, fog lights:

H Height of center of headlight above parking surface.
h H - e = height of marking line above parking surface

+ Central mark = center point of high-beam headlight.

M Marking line of headlamp aimer
S Parking surface of vehicle and headlight aimer

Adjustment dimension (e) is only valid for EUR. Observe differing national regulations.


NOTE: Comply with test preconditions for headlight adjustment.

Adjust headlights at adjusting screws (1) and (2).

A definite allocation of adjusting screws is not possible.

  1.  Adjustment screw primarily for vertical adjustment
  2.  Adjustment screw primarily for lateral adjustment

Lamp Settings
Fig. 2: Identifying Headlights Adjusting Screws


NOTE: Comply with test preconditions for headlight adjustment.

Carry out height adjustment of fog lamp (1) at adjusting screw (2).

Lamp Settings
Fig. 3: Identifying Fog Lamp And Adjusting Screw



REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING LEFT HEADLIGHT Operation is described in: Removing and installing/replacing left headlight (adaptive headlight). REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING RIGHT HEADLIGHT Ope

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