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BMW X5: Lamp Settings


Lamp Settings
Fig. 1: Identifying Headlights Height Dimension

Light/dark limit of headlights in headlight aimer

Adjustment dimension, headlights:

Adjustment dimension, fog lights:

H Height of center of headlight above parking surface.
h H - e = height of marking line above parking surface

+ Central mark = center point of high-beam headlight.

M Marking line of headlamp aimer
S Parking surface of vehicle and headlight aimer

Adjustment dimension (e) is only valid for EUR. Observe differing national regulations.


NOTE: Comply with test preconditions for headlight adjustment.

Adjust headlights at adjusting screws (1) and (2).

A definite allocation of adjusting screws is not possible.

  1.  Adjustment screw primarily for vertical adjustment
  2.  Adjustment screw primarily for lateral adjustment

Lamp Settings
Fig. 2: Identifying Headlights Adjusting Screws


NOTE: Comply with test preconditions for headlight adjustment.

Carry out height adjustment of fog lamp (1) at adjusting screw (2).

Lamp Settings
Fig. 3: Identifying Fog Lamp And Adjusting Screw



REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING LEFT HEADLIGHT Operation is described in: Removing and installing/replacing left headlight (adaptive headlight). REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING RIGHT HEADLIGHT Ope

 Turn Signal Indicator

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING FRONT LEFT OR RIGHT AUXILIARY DIRECTION INDICATOR Special tools required: 00 9 340. WARNING: Follow instructions for handling light bulbs (exterior lights). Fold

 Clearance And Side

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING FRONT LEFT OR RIGHT SIDE MARKER Special tools required: 00 9 323. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove front wheel arch cover front section. NOTE: Minimum object


 Front Axle Overview

Fig. 3: Front Axle Overview Overview of front differential/output shafts Front axle support Stabiliser Tension strut / rubber mount Stabilizer link Layout of spring strut shock absorber Reinforcement plate Upper control arm Swivel bearing Wheel bearing Spring strut holder Lower contro

 Replacing Shaft Seal For Left Output Shaft

Special tools required: 31 4 160 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove left output shaft. Lever shaft seal (1) out of front differential with a screwdriver (2). Fig. 113: Identifying Shaft Seal And Screwdriver Installing shaft seal: NOTE: The installation protective ring (1) serves to protect t

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