BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Parking Brake


 General Information On Braking In New Brake Discs / Brake Pads

IMPORTANT: After completing work: Carry out function check on brake analyzer (test stand) to ensure that the brakes complies with legal requirements. Carry out test braking while driving at low

 Adjusting Parking Brake

The parking brake test must be carried out on the roller dynamometer as follows. Release position (engine off / ignition on ): Wheel circumferential force right / left < or = 300 N. Press park

 Removing And Installing/Replacing All Handbrake Shoes

Special tools required: 34 4 000. Installation: Remove rear brake disc. Release electromechanical parking brake (EMF). After completing tasks, adjust handbrake. Disconnect return springs (1)


 Engine Identification

Drive in engine numbers at marked surface with impact tool. M47 / M47TU / M47T2 Fig. 1: M47 / M47TU / M47T2 Engine Identification M57 / M57TU / M57T2 Fig. 2: M57 / M57TU / M57T2 Engine Identification M67 / M67TU Fig. 3: M67 / M67TU Engine Identification N47 Fig. 4: N47 Engine Identification M52

 BMW Drive Recorder

Principle The BMW Drive Recorder stores brief video recordings of the vehicle surroundings, e.g., to document surrounding traffic. General information There are various ways for storing video recordings: Automatic storage of the recording. The function allows the documentation of the event of an

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