BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Switch


 Replacing Level Switch For Dynamic Drive Fluid Reservoir

Unscrew nuts. Remove shims. Installation: Replace self-locking nuts. Fig. 162: Locating Nuts NOTE: Raise and/or turn fluid reservoir in order to gain better access to plug connection. Disconnect pl

 Removing And Installing Or Replacing Steering Column Switch Cluster

WARNING: Move wheels into straight-ahead position and do not alter this position during the repair work. With steering wheel removed, do not under any circumstances turn/twist fixture for steering c

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Light Control Unit

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove left fresh-air grille. Press out light control unit (1) from inside. Fig. 175: Pressing Out Light Control Unit Disconnect plug connection (1). Remove light con


 Removing And Installing/Replacing Rocker Arms On Right Inlet Side (N62 From 9/03 And N62TU)

Special tools required: 11 9 470 11 9 473 (cylinder bank 1 to 4) Necessary preliminary tasks: Removal of rocker arms is described separately from installation. Remove servomotor for right eccentric shaft. Remove ignition coils on cylinder bank 1 to 4. Remove right cylinder head cover. Re


The valvetrain on the N52 introduced in 2006, used 5 mm valve stems on both the intake and exhaust. To increase durability, the exhaust valve stems were increased to 6 mm from 6/06 production. All of the new NG6 engine have adopted the 6 mm valve stem for the exhaust, the intake stem remains at

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