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BMW X5: Replacing Level Switch For Dynamic Drive Fluid Reservoir

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Engine / General Electrical System / Switch / Replacing Level Switch For Dynamic Drive Fluid Reservoir

Unscrew nuts.

Remove shims.


Replace self-locking nuts.

Fig. 162: Locating Nuts

NOTE: Raise and/or turn fluid reservoir in order to gain better access to plug connection.

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Turn level switch (2) through approx. 45º and remove towards bottom.

Fig. 163: Turning Level Switch


Fig. 164: Overview Of Switches

  1. Light operating unit
  2. Steering column switch cluster
  3. Multifunction steering wheel switch
  4. Start/Stop switch
  5. Switch for hazard warning system/central locking
  6. Roof switch centre
  7. Control panel for heater/air conditioner
  8. Switch for unlocking glovebox
  9. Power window switch
  10. Button unit
  11. Controller
  12. Centre console switch cluster
  13. Car Communication Computer
  14. Switch for electromechanical parking brake
  15. Switch for Electronic Damper Control
  16. Gear selector switch
  17. Brake-light switch
  18. Steering column adjustment switch
  19. Switch combination for seat adjustment
  20. Power window switch


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