BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Slide/Tilt Roof



 Repair Instructions For Bonded Seals

1. General information on handling rubber seal profiles: If seals reveal partly detached protective film on delivery, they must not be bonded. Store seals at 15 ºC to 25 ºC. If, during the han

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Drive Cable Plate

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove mechanism for glass cover at front. Overview of glass lid mechanism: Fig. 1: Identifying Glass Lid Mechanism Components Floating roofliner mechanism Mechani


 Film Sheet

FILM SHEET, GERMAN Order number: 00 0 051 Film sheet, German Fig. 5: Identifying Caption Board: "SPECIAL TOOLS" (00 0 050) FILM SHEET, ENGLISH Order number: 00 0 052 Film sheet, English Fig. 6: Identifying Caption Board: "SPECIAL TOOLS" (00 0 050) FILM SHEET, FRENCH Order number: 00 0 053 Film she

 Electronic Switching Or Control Unit

REPLACING CONTROL UNIT (VALVETRONIC) Switch off ignition. Follow instructions for disconnecting and connecting battery. Disconnect battery. CAUTION: Follow instructions for removing and installing electronic control units. Observe following instructions before replacing control unit: PROGRAM CONT

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