BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Removing And Installing/Replacing Wind Deflector

Necessary preliminary tasks:

NOTE: Shown removed here for purposes of clarity.

Pull plastic strip (1) on net of wind deflector out of retainers (2).

IMPORTANT: Do not pull on the net so as to avoid tearing the net.


If necessary, reinstall retainers in frame.

Electrical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 61: Pulling Plastic Strip

IMPORTANT: Tape off paintwork in working area.

Avoid bending wind deflector (1).

NOTE: Pictures show removal on the left side, proceed in the same way for the right side.

Slide control carriage (4) for wind deflector with plastic wedge towards front.

Carefully lift wind deflector (1) in direction of arrow with guide (2) out of rail (3).

Electrical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 62: Lifting Wind Deflector With Guide


Make sure clamping elements are correctly seated.

Tilt wind deflector (1) into vertical position and remove.


Make sure wind deflector (1) is correctly seated in pivot point (2).

Electrical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 63: Identifying Wind Deflector And Pivot Point


Necessary preliminary tasks:


The wind deflector net can be cleaned while installed as follows:

NOTE: This prevents the wind deflector from retracting, and thereby leaving it fully open.

Net is now accessible and easy to clean.


Pull plastic strip (1) out of retainers (2) on panorama glass sunroof and wind deflector.


If necessary, reinstall retainers.

Clip new net into place.

Electrical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 64: Pulling Plastic Strip


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