BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Electrical Sun Roof Components


 Notes On Panorama Glass Roof (Initialization/Normalization/Learning Of Characteristic Curve)

NOTE: Initialization comprises: Normalization Learning characteristic curve The mechanical end positions are recorded and stored during normalization. The characteristic curve is learned immediat

 Replacing Fastener For Wind Deflector On Left Or Right

Special tools required: 51 3 057. Fig. 43: Identifying Special Tools (51 3 057) Insert special tool 51 3 050 TOOL in spring (1). Using a suitable tool (2), unlock catch (3) of fastener for wind d

 Adjusting Glass Slide/Tilt Sunroof Lid

Special tools required: 00 9 315 ASSEMBLY WEDGES (SET IN PLASTIC CASE) 00 9 340 DISASSEMBLY AID (2) Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove gaiter on left and right. Close glass slide/tilt sunroof


 Removing And Installing Or Replacing Both Rear Brake Discs

Special tools required: 34 1 280. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove wheels. Remove and clean brake pads. After completing work: Adjusting handbrake. Read and comply with notes on braking in new brake discs / brake pads. Check minimum brake disc thickness: Position special tool 34 1 2

 Removing And Installing Front Crossmember

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove glass slide/tilt sunroof. Remove drive. Release screws in marked area. Tightening torque: 54 12 03AZ. Remove crossmember (1). If necessary, release fabric adhesive tape and replace. Installation: Pitch cables must be correctly located in guide Fig. 37: Id

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