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BMW X5: Removing And Installing Mechanism For Front Glass Lid

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Slide/Tilt Roof / Sunroof / Removing And Installing Mechanism For Front Glass Lid

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Overview of glass lid mechanism:

Fig. 4: Identifying Glass Lid Mechanism Components

  1. Floating roofliner mechanism
  2. Mechanism, front glass lid
  3. Drive wedge
  4. Drive plate
  5. Mechanism, rear glass lid
  6. Control carriage, rear glass lid
  7. Spring retainer
  8. Drive cable, rear glass lid (connecting link)
  9. Drive cable plate
  10. Drive cable, front glass lid (connecting link)
  11. Control carriage, wind deflector
  12. Slide element

NOTE: Always replace mechanism for glass slide/tilt sunroof in pairs.

If necessary, lightly grease guide channel.

Fig. 5: Bending Open Tabs Of Cover Strip

Removing upper connecting link (return linkage):

Bend open tabs (1) of cover strip (2).

Remove cover strip (2).


Cover strip determines alignment of mechanism.

Fig. 6: Identifying Drive Cable Plate

If necessary, slide drive cable plate (1) fully forwards with a screwdriver (stop).

Fig. 7: Prying Out Locking Lever

Pry out locking lever (1) of detent element at front from guide rail (unlock).

Fig. 8: Identifying Locking Lever And Drive Cable Plate


Do not move drive cable plate (2) before locking lever (1) is engaged (risk of damage).

Fig. 9: Pulling Upper Connecting Link

Pull upper connecting link (1) towards rear out of drive wedge (2).

Fig. 10: Identifying Upper Connecting Link

Feed upper connecting link (1) out of guide rail.

NOTE: If necessary, move mechanism (drive cable plate) approx. 2 cm towards rear.

Upper detent element can be fed out and in more easily.

Fig. 11: Removing Upper Connecting Link

Remove upper connecting link (1) in direction of arrow from lower connecting link.

Fig. 12: Identifying Drip Molding Carrier And Lower Connecting Link

Removing drip molding carrier and lower connecting link:

Slide drip molding carrier (2) with lower connecting link (1) towards rear and remove from guide rail.

Fig. 13: Pushing Slide Element

If necessary, push slide element (1) towards rear and remove from guide rail.

Fig. 14: Sliding Drive Plate

Adjusting mechanism before installing glass lid:

Insert screwdriver into upper connecting link (3).

Slide drive plate (2) towards rear until drive wedge (1) runs against screwdriver.

NOTE: Check that mechanical components on left and right sides have same status.

NOTE: Check smooth and noise-free running of kinematics.

Check function.


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