BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Distribution Box, Power


WARNING: Observe safety instructions for handling vehicle battery.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release expansion rivet (1).

Remove insulating mat (2).

Distribution Box, Power
Fig. 143: Identifying Expansion Rivet And Insulating Mat

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Release bolts (2).

Disengage distribution box in direction of arrow.

Disengage emergency actuator (3).

Distribution Box, Power
Fig. 144: Disengaging Distribution Box

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Distribution Box, Power
Fig. 145: Identifying Plug Connection

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Remove distribution box.

Distribution Box, Power
Fig. 146: Identifying Plug Connection


Remove fuses and relays.


WARNING: Observe safety instructions for handling vehicle battery.

Notes and instructions on Intelligent Battery Sensor IBS.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Fold up covers (2).

Release nut (3) and remove cable shoe.

Tightening torque.

Fold up covers (5).

Unscrew nuts (4).

Tightening torque.

Using a screwdriver, expand locking bracket (6) at lower end and clip out.

Remove distribution box (2) towards top.

Distribution Box, Power
Fig. 147: Expanding Locking Bracket



 Instructions For Disconnecting And Connecting Battery

Observe safety instructions for handling vehicle battery. Before disconnecting battery: Turn off the ignition and other electrical loads/consumers to prevent sparking when reconnecting. NOTE: If the

 Instructions On Starting Aid

Do not start the engine with help of starting sprays. Preparation: Conform with the following when starting engine with starting cable. Ensure that jump lead wires are to appropriate cross-section s


 Removing And Installing/Replacing Switch For Unlocking Glovebox

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove decorative strip from middle fresh-air grille. Unlock catches (1). Press switch (2) out of decorative strip. Fig. 212: Pressing Switch Out Of Decorative Strip REMOVING AND INSTALLING OR REPLACING GRIP TRIM FOR GEAR SELECTOR SWITCH Special tools required: 64

 Wheel Bearings

REPLACING DRIVE FLANGE ON LEFT/RIGHT REAR AXLE SHAFT Special tools required: 33 2 116 33 2 160 33 2 201 33 4 200 Remove rear wheel. IMPORTANT: Expand turning lock sufficiently to avoid damaging thread when releasing collar nut. Release collar nut (1), activate parking brake for this purpose.

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