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BMW X5: Removing And Installing/Replacing Actuating Unit With Control Unit For Parking Brake (EMF)

BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Brakes / Brakes - Repair Instructions / Parking Brake / Removing And Installing/Replacing Actuating Unit With Control Unit For Parking Brake (EMF)

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Set workshop mode in BMW diagnosis system.

NOTE: This facilitates removal as the EMF approaches the outer position.

Open flap in luggage compartment at rear left. Remove first aid kit (1).

Fig. 90: Identifying First Aid Kit

Cable for emergency release (1) must be removed with actuating unit.

Press both detent lugs together and press cable for emergency release (1) downwards.

Unclip cable for emergency release from guides on rear axle.

Fig. 91: Pressing Cable For Emergency Release

Release screws (1) and remove heat shield (2).

Release stabilizer at bearing points and swing downwards.

Fig. 92: Identifying Spring Clip And Screw

Release screw (1) and remove spring clip (2) on left and right.


Tightening torque 34 41 1AZ.

Push in core of parking brake cable in direction of expander lock (2) as far as it will go and grip firmly.

Press nipple (1) down with a screwdriver.

Pull handbrake cables out of wheel carrier.

Fig. 93: Identifying Expander Lock And Nipple


Insert handbrake cable into brake carrier/brake guard plate.

Sleeve must be inserted up to stop.

Nipple of handbrake cable must audibly snap into place in expander lock.

Disengage parking brake Bowden cable (1) from holders on left and right.

Fig. 94: Disengaging Parking Brake Bowden Cable

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Release screws (2).


Tightening torque 34 41 4AZ.

Release screws (3) and remove holder (4).


Tightening torque 34 41 3AZ.

Feed out actuating unit with parking brake Bowden cables and cable for emergency release.

Fig. 95: Identifying Plug Connection And Screw

After installation:



IMPORTANT: When the actuating unit is manually unlocked, the actual status of the parking brake may not correspond to the status indicated by the indicator lamp.

Vehicle condition before initialization:

Press parking brake button with brake activated.

NOTE: The indicator lamp in the instrument cluster goes out as soon as the parking brake is ready for operation again.

It is normal for noises to be heard.

Startup can take several seconds.



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