BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Engine Electrical System



CONTENTS OF ENGINE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM GENERAL General Information -> Working on ignition system. -> Removing and installing electronic control units. -> Welding work (overload protection of co

 Ignition Wires, Spark

REPLACING ALL SPARK PLUGS (N42, N40, N46, N45, N52, N52K, N51) Special tools required: 12 1 171 12 1 200. Necessary preliminary tasks: Switch off ignition Remove ignition coils. Unscrew spark

 Ignition Coil

NOTES ON CHECKING IGNITION SYSTEM Troubleshooting -> Fault in fuel injection system -> Spark plug faults -> Ignition coil faults -> Further fault patterns with evaluation -> Additional


 BMW Travel & Comfort System

General information USB ports and fixtures for attaching special accessories, for instance coat hangers, are located on the backrests of the front seats. Properties of the USB ports: USB port Type C. For charging of mobile devices. Charge current: max. 3 A. Further information is available fro

 Replacing A Tire

Refer to the operating manual of the relevant fitting equipment manufacturer for details on how to fit the tire correctly. However, it is essential to make sure that the equipment is in proper working condition and there is no damage to the disc wheel or the tire. NOTE: Comply with approved tires,

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