BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Crimping Stop Parts

Special tools required:

Spare parts for in-car electronics (housing and contacts):

  1. Crimping butt connectors and contact sleeves for fan connectors up to 2.5 mm2
  2. Crimping butt connectors and contact sleeves for fan connectors from 2.5 mm2
  3. Crimping contact sleeves for fan connectors 4 mm2 and ignition cable contacts

Special tool kit 12 1 080 is used to fit ignition cable contacts and to crimp 4 mm2 contact sleeves for fan connectors.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 43: Identifying Special Tool 12 1 081 And 12 1 083

Unlock special tool 12 1 081:

Squeeze grips (1) lightly and push unlocking lever (2) in direction of arrow.


Compress handles as far as they will go, tool unlocks automatically.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 44: Pushing Unlocking Lever

Insert contact sleeve 4 mm2 in nest with lock (1) as far as it will go.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 45: Identifying Lock

Preload contact by squeezing matrix in crimping tool. Grip contact (1) firmly only, do not crimp.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 46: [Identifying Grip Contact]

NOTE: Follow procedure for cutting and stripping insulation from cables.

Insert stripped end of wire (7) in the contact. Ensure insulation and stripped wire end are correctly laid in contact.

Compress crimping tool as far as it will go.

Crimping tool unlocks automatically.

Take contact out of crimping tool.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 47: Identifying Crimping Tool

  1. Checking crimping

Check insulation crimp (8) and wire crimp (9) against following illustrations to ensure crimps are correctly located.

NOTE: Illustration shows butt connectors and contact sleeves for fan connectors knocked on one side. The crimping procedure is identical here.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 48: Identifying Insulation Crimp And Wire Crimp

Correct crimping:

Visible conductor end (10).

Visible insulation end (11).

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 49: Identifying Conductor End And Insulation End

Incorrect crimping:

Conductor end (10) inserted too far.

Insulation end (11) in wire crimp.

If necessary, repeat crimping with a new contact.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 50: Identifying Incorrect Crimping

Incorrect crimping:

Conductor end (10) not visible.

Insulation end (11) not visible.

If necessary, repeat crimping with a new contact.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 51: Identifying Incorrect Crimping


Stripped length:


Plug Connection, Terminals


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