BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Installing Fan Connector For Retrofitting/Repairs

Special tools required:

NOTE: The repair range IV for vehicle electrical system contained the required special tools and individual parts for retrofitting and repair work with the aid of fan connectors.

The case can no longer be ordered. Order individual parts for wiring harness repair through BMW Parts Service.

Special tools:

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 52: Identifying BMW Special Tool Kit

Choose contact sleeve (up to 4 mm 2 ) in accordance with wire cross-section.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 53: Identifying Contact Sleeve


Choose contact sleeves (up to 2.5 mm 2 ) for fan connectors.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 54: Identifying Contact Sleeves For Fan Connectors

Cut through wire loop in wiring harness at established point.

Strip insulation from both wire ends.

Refer to repair instructions:


Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 55: Identifying Cutting Tool

Crimp contact sleeves on both wire ends.

NOTE: If using repair kit for contact sleeves, refer to repair instruction BUTT CONNECTOR FOR REPAIRING A PLUG CONNECTION.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 56: Crimping Contact Sleeves On Both Wire Ends

Crimp connecting cable for retrofitting likewise with contact sleeve.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 57: Crimping Connecting Cable For Retrofitting Likewise With Contact Sleeve

Cut required number of poles to length for fan connectors.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 58: Identifying Poles

Special tool 61 9 041 (hand crimping tool) in conjunction with 61 9 042 (matrix) are used for pushing contact sleeves onto fan connectors.

Refer to repair instructions:


Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 59: Identifying Special Tool 61 9 041 (Hand Crimping Tool)

Unlock special tool 61 9 041:

Squeeze grips (1) lightly and push unlocking lever (2) in direction of arrow.


Compress handles as far as they will go, tool unlocks automatically.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 60: Pushing Unlocking Lever

Insert prepared fan connector (3) in special tool 61 9 041 / 61 9 042.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 61: Inserting Prepared Fan Connector In Special Tool 61 9 041/61 9 042

Attach wire with contact sleeve to fan connector.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 62: Attaching Wire With Contact Sleeve To Fan Connector

Press crimping tool together and slide contact sleeve firmly home.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 63: Pressing Crimping Tool

IMPORTANT: Once contact sleeves have been pushed on, they should not be detached again from the fan connector or reused.

Push on further contact sleeves for potential branching.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 64: Identifying Contact Sleeves

Installation in wet area (engine compartment, wheel arch):

Apply sealing compound on both sides and press into contacts (1).

Fit shrink-fit hose and heat up with hot air blower (2) (approx. 250ºC).

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 65: Identifying Terminal Contacts

NOTE: Ensure that fan connector has sufficient contact surface on mounting point.

Do not heat shrink-fit hose on edges of fan connector too strongly, risk of cracking.

Allow shrink-fit hose to cool down until hand-warm. Then press sealing material again into contacts and onto edges of fan connector.

If necessary, carefully heat shrink-fit hose again.

Installation in dry area (interior, luggage compartment):

Slide assembled fan connector into insulation housing until it locks into place.

Plug Connection, Terminals
Fig. 66: Sliding Assembled Fan Connector Into Insulation Housing


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