BMW X5 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW X5: Camshaft


 Checking Timing Of Camshaft(s) (N52K)

Special tools required: 11 0 300 11 4 281 11 4 282 11 4 283 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove cylinder head cover Remove underbody protection Remove fastener (1) in direction of arrow. Ins

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Inlet Camshaft (N52K)

Special tools required: 11 4 281 11 4 481 IMPORTANT: Aluminium screws/bolts must be replaced each time they are released. The end faces of aluminium screws/bolts are painted blue for the purpose

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Exhaust Camshaft (N52K)

Special tools required: 00 9 120 11 4 350 11 4 461 11 4 462 11 4 463 11 9 000 IMPORTANT: It is absolutely essential to follow an exact procedure for removing and installing the exhaust camsha


 With Parking Assistant Plus: Panorama View

Principle Panorama View gives you an earlier view of crossing traffic at blind driveway exits and intersections. General information Road users concealed by obstacles to the left and right of the vehicle can only be detected relatively late from the driver's seat. The cameras in the front and rear

 Replacing Backrest Cover For Left Rear Seat

Special tools required: 52 0 050. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rear seat. Remove rear panel trim. Disengage welt in marked area from seat mechanism. Remove rear panel trim (1). Installation: Make sure metal lugs in welt are correctly engaged. Fig. 171: Identifying Backrest Cover Wit

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